We translate all types of text from professional and technical documents, such as installation and service manuals for machinery and equipment, to creative writing and legal, economic and marketing documents. In addition to classical Office documents, we also translate PowerPoint presentations, and can graphically lay them out with InDesign to make them attractive, if desired.

But we believe translating is only part of the story; more work still needs to be done. Many translators tend to get so fascinated with the source language that each translation has to be proofread and edited, while professional and technical documents need to be revised for professional and technical use, followed by further checking for consistency in the terminology used. For this reason we have access to all previous translations and can create a language version which respects linguistic peculiarities and usage in different countries and firms.

What languages do we translate? All European languages to Slovak and vice versa as well as to and from less widely used languages. Our linguists translate into their mother tongue and so do our editors and professional consultants.


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