Have you ever wished to publish a book but you lack the necessary team? We can help you with the entire editorial work, layout and printing of your book, brochure or other publication, and even recommend how to have it distributed.

Editing involves translating the text (even foreign language titles); checking the translation and adjusting it for language, style and syntax; graphics; cleanup and proofreading everything before starting to print. We have experience in different fields ranging from professional and popular science to both adult and children’s literature. Even the printing is arranged by us.

Kanada-bez-javoroveho-cukru-webThere has even been a book published by us. Kanada bez javorového cukru (Canada without the Maple Syrup) tells readers about the struggles every immigrant faces and native Canadians never realize. This isn’t because they don’t like to talk about it, but it just never enters their heads because it's such a common part of their culture. Humorous episodes from everyday life, peppered with true situations, reveal everything author Eva Sporinová and her family had to overcome when they immigrated to Canada at the turn of the millennium. This engaging narrative about a family of four living in Maple Leaf Country is distributed by Technic Partner and on sale at all bookshops across Slovakia.


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